Is Your Soul Denying Your Body?

Is Your Soul Denying Your Body?
Soul (Mind/Intellect, Will, Emotions)
Body (Flesh, Blood, Bones)
My exercise of choice is swimming.  I love the water, the freedom of it, the feel of it, and mostly the benefits of unrestricted body movements.  In spite of all this admiration for the water and knowledge of the benefits of it, I often find myself dreading the exercise routine.  This daily routine consists of warm-up exercises and a certain number of laps at a certain time in the pool.

Recently it was time to exercise and the dread of it was overwhelming.  I thought of all the “godly” things I could be doing at that time.  I thought “enough already, skipping a day really isn’t so bad”.  I even recalled the time that Jesus slipped away from fellowship with His disciples just to be alone with Father.  Maybe Father wanted me to just sit quietly with Him during my exercise time?

Well, after a long and heated conversation with myself (without a word being spoken), I reluctantly suited up and went out to battle (oops, I mean to swim).  I got in the water and started the warm-up exercises.  I didn’t “want to” but had made a decision.  I teach others that all of life is a decision and that when we choose the righteous path, the benefits follow. Do you think Father was testing my words to others on me?  Yes! He usually wants us to live the message before we tell and teach others.  Father knows best!

After a while, my routine was in full swing (or swim) and I wondered why I’d had such a fight with myself about doing the right thing.  Even greater, as I was coming to one end of the pool ready to do a graceful and “fish like” turnabout, God spoke to me.  He said, “Your body was ready for this exercise, but your soul could have deprived it of its need.”  I was stunned as I realized that a simple decision could have deprived me of the joy I was experiencing.  Had I not pushed past my feelings, my body would have been denied one of its greatest needs which is exercise.  God always speaks to us so simply and profoundly.  It is called revelation.

I began to think, how many times does the Believer’s soul deny his body of its physical and spiritual needs.  When we reason away God’s plan, purpose, and will, our bodies are denied the fruitful promises that God gives in His word.  Make a decision to make the right decisions.  Make choices beyond feelings, reasoning, laziness, and any   hindrance to doing the right thing.

Our soul (mind, will, emotions) makes the decisions for the body we inhabit.  If we make decisions based on flawed feelings, false information, and unrestricted desires, we create havoc for our physical bodies.  If we choose God’s word, plan, and purpose, we always enjoy the physical and spiritual benefits.  So the next time you make a choice or decision, make sure that your choice pleases the Father.  If it does, the benefits are out of this world!  Righteous choices and decisions “Fit us for both sides of Eternity (Eternity here & now and Eternity forever)”.

Why "Hepzibah in Training?"

More than twenty five years ago I stood in a powerful praise and worship service. As I entered into worship weeping in the presence of the King, I heard the voice of Jesus in my spirit. He called me two names. The first name was Hephzibah and the second was Beulah. I was stunned and immediately sat down on the bench to ponder these two names. Neither of these names appeared flattering to me.

I left church and called my sister, a mighty warrior of God, and told her that God had called me two names. Her reply was “If God called me names; I needed to find out what they meant.” I searched scripture and found that the name Hephzibah means, “The Lord delights in her” and that Beulah meant, “Thy land is married (committed, spoken for, etc). Needless to say, I was delighted in the significance of these two names that my Savior has bestowed upon me. My goal and treasure in life is to fulfill the plan for my life on this side of Eternity and to train for the other side of Eternity.

I offer you the revelations, thoughts, and meditations that God imparts to me in this blog “Hepzibah In Training”.

I thank you for your comments.