The Lessons of Summer

The Lessons of Summer
Hebrews 13:5, “… And be content with such things as you have: for He has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
For the first time last summer (2013), I realized that I really do not like the heat of summer.  I live in Florida. The summers are hot and humid. One day last summer, I said in my spirit and out loud “I will just tolerate this heat until summer ends”. Well, you know what happened. God in his infinite wisdom tapped me on the shoulder. He said to me that He ordains the seasons and times and as believers we should welcome what He allows in our life. It caused me to think. It also caused me to understand that as a believer everything that happens to me is allowed by my heavenly Father.

The summer months are really challenging. The heat and humidity really does send waves of discomfort to all of us. But the important factor regardless of what we face in life is that we face it with the knowledge of God being Father.  He is the God of all comfort (Isaiah 66:13). When we embrace what God allows our obedience lightens the load. With this understanding I began to see the value that summer offers to me. It is a time for reflection, relaxation, and also avoiding the heat. I choose to take this time and redeem it as a wonderful opportunity to write, reflect, and appreciate what God does in the summertime. I choose to be content.  I make a decision to live contented with What God ordains in my life.
Isaiah 54:10, “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, says the Lord that has mercy on you.”
Last summer (2013), God also spoke to me about being at home wherever I am because He is there. This is truth is a powerful revelation for all believers. When we understand and believe that God is with us we can have peace wherever we are.  I choose to be at home in all circumstances, knowing God is there with me.  I make a decision to be at home in any and all geographical places because God is there and gives me His peace.
Total Surrender
John 5:30, “I can of my own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not my own will, but the will of the father which has sent me.”
This summer (2014) has drawn my attention to two words that are used by meteorologist. They are widespread and scattered. These are terms used in reference to rain showers. Widespread means that all of the designated areas reported are receiving rain. Scattered means that pockets of a designated area are receiving rain and other pockets are dry. As I thought about these two words I realized they could also refer to our walk with God. Has He rained (reigned) on and in all of your life or has He been limited to rain (reign) on and in only pockets of your life? Good question! Allow God to saturate you with His presence. This will require time in His word, time in His presence with worship and praise, and total obedience to His word.  I am excited about what other lessons God will teach me during this long hot summer that He has graced me with!

Why "Hepzibah in Training?"

More than twenty five years ago I stood in a powerful praise and worship service. As I entered into worship weeping in the presence of the King, I heard the voice of Jesus in my spirit. He called me two names. The first name was Hephzibah and the second was Beulah. I was stunned and immediately sat down on the bench to ponder these two names. Neither of these names appeared flattering to me.

I left church and called my sister, a mighty warrior of God, and told her that God had called me two names. Her reply was “If God called me names; I needed to find out what they meant.” I searched scripture and found that the name Hephzibah means, “The Lord delights in her” and that Beulah meant, “Thy land is married (committed, spoken for, etc). Needless to say, I was delighted in the significance of these two names that my Savior has bestowed upon me. My goal and treasure in life is to fulfill the plan for my life on this side of Eternity and to train for the other side of Eternity.

I offer you the revelations, thoughts, and meditations that God imparts to me in this blog “Hepzibah In Training”.

I thank you for your comments.