"Good Buys" and "Goodbyes"

“Good Buys” and “Goodbyes”
Dr. Marsha Deveaux Johnson
I recently got the news that my brother was suddenly critically ill and near the point of going to be with the Lord.  There was time but circumstances did not permit me to go to his bed side to say goodbye and “see you later, buddy-boy”.

As I lay in my bed a couple of mornings after the news, God began to speak to me about “good buys” and “goodbyes”.

“Good Buys” for a shopper is when the price is right and the product is good.  We all love to find a good buy.  It makes us feel good to know that we have efficiently used our resources to find something of value to us at a good price.  We have won in the marketplace with a good buy.  A “Goodbye” is a break in communication or parting.

God began to enumerate to me my “Good Buys” that I had experienced with my brother. 

It was a “Good Buy” that for the past seven or more years, once a week on a conference call Rudy, my sister Iris, and I would pray.  We prayed as God has directed for the body of Christ, governments, leaders around the world, our family (the Deveauxs, the Johnsons, the Dargan’s, the Andersons, the Hills, the Williams, the Snypes) and extended family gathered along the way as well as friends.  This has been a tremendously good buy that Iris and I have celebrated with our brother.  It is a legacy to pray with your family.   Build a legacy of prayer with your families.

It was another “Good Buy” when every Thanksgiving holiday was spent with the family who could gather together.  We spent Thanksgiving Day with a meal to celebrate God and each other.  Elfleata and Rudy were always there.  This was a “good buy”.  It is a legacy to spend time with your family.  Build a legacy of fellowship with your family.

It was a “Good Buy” for my brother when I remembered his birthday every year with a card and tucked in a love offering.  There is nothing worse than an empty birthday card from a family member.  If you have to, tape your quarter or dime to the inside of the card.  They will know that you cared enough to send your very best. It is a legacy to give to your family members.  Build that legacy of giving to each other.

As My Heavenly Father pointed out to me all of the “Good Buys” I have shared with my brother through the years, I heard His voice.  All of the earthly “good buys” I shared with my brother are the “goodbye” for now.  There is a temporary break in us sharing the” good buys” here on earth together.  However, the most fabulous and glorious “good buy” that we will all receive will be the reunion God has planned for His family throughout eternity!  Make preparation to spend eternity with God! 

 (PS) My brother made it safely home with Jesus Who is the best “Good Buy” this world has to offer.


Ms. Leona Mae January 7, 2017 at 9:48 AM  

My condolences on the loss of your brother, Rudy. He has crossed over the bridge we all must travel. I take joy in knowing that he had a relationship with our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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