The Flower

The Flower
Marsha Deveaux Johnson
One day I heard a knock at my door.  I leisurely went to the door because I was not expecting anyone to visit.   Upon opening the door I looked down and saw a single flower placed in water in a soda bottle with beautifully opened petals.  A note was attached to it that said, “This reminds me of you.”

This flower was placed there by my Neighbor who lives beside me and is so helpful.  As I closely viewed the beautiful flower, I noticed that it had nine beautiful soft petals.  Closer viewing revealed to me even more.   I saw words upon the petals that stirred thought.  I wondered if the words were the key to what reminded my Neighbor of me.

I saw the word “LOVE” and thought He sees love?  And then I remembered the compassion that constantly floods my human spirit when I minister God’s love to others.

I saw the word “JOY” and thought, He sees joy? I had just lost a loved one.  And then I remembered the joy that took away the tears at the memorial service.

I saw the word “PEACE” and thought He sees peace?  And then I remembered the tremendous peace that I had when I learned that my life had to be interrupted with surgery and recovery to alleviate nagging pain.

I saw the word “LONGSUFFERING” and said out loud Oh No! And then I remembered painstakingly waiting with a friend at the emergency room of the hospital so she could receive services.  The trauma, the children playing, the babies crying, you have not suffered long until you have waited in the emergency room of a hospital.

I saw the word “GENTLENESS” and thought He sees gentleness?  And then I remembered as a young child I had to learn how to give my grandmother diabetic injections way back when they were not so refined.  I learned to be gentle and to hurt when others hurt.

I saw the word “MEEKNESS” and thought, He sees meekness and humility in me?  And then I remembered a humble apology to my grandson Rohan about Parmesan cheese that tasted funny to him.  I insisted it was alright until I tasted it.

I saw the word “GOODNESS” and thought He sees goodness and kindness in me?  And then I remembered how I frequently allow people who are on their lunch break to get to the checkout counter a little quicker.  I am retired and seize joy when I make someone’s day this way.

I saw the word “TEMPERANCE” and thought, He sees temperance?  Then I remembered how I listen to others when they need a listening ear and push back my own challenges so that they can have the earthly encouragement that they need.

I saw the word “FAITH” and thought He sees faith in me?  I am constantly seeking God’s word so that my faith may grow.  Maybe He sees my seeking and reaching and counts it for faith.

If someone placed a flower at your door or on your desk and said, “This reminds me of you", what words would be written on the petals?
In The Spirit
 Bear Fruit.
Walking in the Spirit brings
 the blessing of the growth of fruit
in the life of a Believer.  The works
of the flesh are   (adultery, fornication,
uncleanness,   lasciviousness,   idolatry,
witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations,
wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying,
 murders,      drunkenness,      reveling)
The fruit of the Spirit should abound
 in  the  life of every  Believer.  The
absence of the works of the flesh
promotes the growth of the
 fruit   of the  Spirit.
(Galatians 5)

Marsha Deveaux Johnson


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I left church and called my sister, a mighty warrior of God, and told her that God had called me two names. Her reply was “If God called me names; I needed to find out what they meant.” I searched scripture and found that the name Hephzibah means, “The Lord delights in her” and that Beulah meant, “Thy land is married (committed, spoken for, etc). Needless to say, I was delighted in the significance of these two names that my Savior has bestowed upon me. My goal and treasure in life is to fulfill the plan for my life on this side of Eternity and to train for the other side of Eternity.

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